Wednesday 23 June 2021

Congratulations to Scott Flynn on passing his 1st Kyu!

Great achievement Scott on passing your 1st kyu brown belt. The effort you put in can be seen in your face as well as the fact you literally collapsed on the floor after.

Good to be back.

 It's been a struggle over lock but the interest in our club on return to face to face training has been crazy!

A load of new beginners has put a smile on my face.

Tuesday 3 March 2020

Saturday 12 October 2019

New leaflet for the club.

Makiwara training.

The Makiwara is a traditional tool used to test the power, accuracy and technique of a strike. If you get it wrong it speaks to you. It is a good teacher. Listen to the sound when I strike it. You can hear a difference when I hit it true.

Bunkai is the process of dissecting Kata to find the applications within.

Friday 2 June 2017

Iain Abernethy Course May 2017

5 of NAKC's Sensei's attended a fantastic course with 6th Dan Instructor, Sensei Iain Abernethy. Iain is a senior Instructor with the BCKA and a bunkai specialist. On the 4 hour course we focused on Naihanchi clinching and trapping drills.More photo's on Iain's facebook page.

Sensei's John Ward, Andy Bailey, Ryan Butterfield, Iain Abernethy, Steve Wilkinson and Martyn Butterfield.

Video showing Sensei's Steve and Martyn going through one of the drills.